Ars Magica:

Ruleset: Ars Magica
Status: Stable
Development State: Active
Release Date: 20th of March, 2018
Included Extensions:

  • None

New Features: 

  • Graphics optimization continues. (Down to 12 Mb size now)
  • NPC-identity functions. Use a NPC’s skill, get the right name. (You would not believe the guff I get as a GM whenever I forget to switch identities before rolling anything)
  • Fixing up the NPC-skills a bit. The old list will be completely removed in the next version, so if you use this function you might want to move to the skilltab before then.
  • Pointedly ignoring the combat tracker for now… It mocks me I tell you.

To Do:

  • I am NOT pleased with the combat-tracker sorting.






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