Ars Magica:

Ruleset: Ars Magica
Status: Stable
Development State: Active

Release Date: 2018-03-15
Included Extensions:

  • None

New Features: 

Improvements for clarity, tooltips on relevant fields.

Drag and drop for Arts to spells, notes field added to weapons.

Improved notes page, lets you put down links to notes, images or NPCs.

Mental Damage Tracker added

Added autocalulations to the magic page. You can now add XP directly to the XP bar and have it raise when you have accumulated enough. It also lets you adjust the Art-Cost and re-calculates skill level accordingly.

Laboratory added.

To Do:

  • I am NOT pleased with the combat-tracker sorting.
  • I need to optimize graphics, the ruleset is a beast on 33 mb.