Ars Magica:

Ruleset: Ars Magica
Status: Stable
Development State: Active
Release Date: 2016-16-12
Included Extensions:

  • None

New Features: 

Altered the magic page so you can keep XP constant but change the cost. This has proven useful for a campaign where magic is a lost thing and being rediscovered. As more knowledge and theory has been gained the cost has gone down and the XP allready invested recalculates when the cost goes down. Give it a whirl.

Fall Damage and Damage calculators has been made part of the desktop. The curent ruleset is also compatible with the latest release of Fantasy Grounds ( 3.2.1 and forward ).


General Comments:

It has been a while for me to create this update and you may notice there has been a few versions in between which has not been uploaded to the repository. I have frankly been a bit overwhelmed with work and and caring for my loved ones.


  • None


  • Adding more actions to the dice-mechanics. More on this later.





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