Ars Magica:

Ruleset: Ars Magica
Status: Stable
Development State: Active
Release Date: 2016-04-07
Included Extensions:

  • None

New Features: 

  • Minor changes to the /ivanna command (mostly a inn-joke but feel free to try it out)
  • Changes to the magic-page to let you drop XP directly on arts, the dropped XP then shows if you have enough to increase the art-score.


  • None


Background experimentation on settings continues.

SillouetteFchild SillouetteFem SillouetteFem2 SillouetteFem3 SillouetteFem4 SillouetteMal SillouetteMal2 SillouetteMal3 SillouetteMal4 SillouetteMchild



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