Chronicles of Darkness: Status Update

I recently was given the suggestion by Trenloe on the Fantasy Grounds Forum, that with the rebuild of the Chronicles of Darkness Ruleset, and the migration to a CoreRPG forked version, that I should consider building it similar to how the 5E and other Rulesets do. Specifically, instead of forking the entire codebase, I would just use the <importruleset> element on the CoreRPG Ruleset and then modify the code from there.

This definitely warranted investigation. One of the most difficult parts of maintaining any Ruleset is working to keep it up to date on features. Depending on the Ruleset, this may or may not be an option. Thankfully, I believe it might very well be an option for Chronicles of Darkness. My original concern was how the whole arrangement would handle the character sheet management that is one of the key features for the Ruleset that I want to carry over from the original nWoD Ruleset. However, due to how <importruleset> handles the merging, I should be able to have the base Ruleset completely replace the original character sheet components without problem and then have the normal extensions for the other systems.

When investigating this type of configuration for your Ruleset, the primary requirement is the understanding of exactly how much from the base Ruleset you will be replacing. If you are expecting to make changes that would ultimately alter the vast majority of the underlying code, it could be argued that using this type of arrangement would be counter productive.

Keep an eye open for future updates. I am going to be changing the existing modifications I have done into a CoreRPG derivative using this feature to see how it all plays out.

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