Chronicles of Darkness: Rebranding the nWoD Ruleset

Good morning everyone!

As I have started getting up to speed on this Ruleset rebuild for nWoD I have become aware of the recent changes that have happened in the various World of Darkness brands. Onyx Path Publishing has taken over development of the World of Darkness franchises as of December. As part of that, they have re-branded nWoD as Chronicles of Darkness. The original World of Darkness is now being referred to as Classic World of Darkness.

The purpose of this is to remove any confusion between the two brands and to solidify the future growth of them as individual brands. This honestly makes sense in every sense in my opinion. There has been no end of confusion around the two systems due to the similarity of the names.

To that end, as part of this rebuild we are also re-branding the Ruleset as the Chronicles of Darkness Ruleset. This will keep it in line with the system as it is currently being developed. We hope that everyone at Onyx Path Publishing will continue making a system that everyone has come to enjoy.

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