New World of Darkness Ruleset Announcement

After much testing and running into strange issues, it has been decided that the nWoD Ruleset will be rebuilt based off the CoreRPG Ruleset.

The reasoning is two fold. Currently the nWoD Ruleset is effectively broken. This is because there are several issues, one of them usage breaking, The chief of these issues is the fact that the Character sheets, once they have been created, if you open them again only return a close button. The actual character sheet does not display. This happens on all types of character sheets with all extensions. It also throws no errors at all. Nothing displays anywhere to show that something is amiss.

Because of these issues, and the fact we could easily spend weeks attempting to diagnose the problems, we have decided on this course of action. This also gives us access to the major improvements that have been implemented into the CoreRPG Ruleset. So in the end this is a win for everyone.