The spawning of FGRepository

Fantasy Grounds has long been a popular platform for the community to develop and use Rulesets for all sorts of tabletop Roleplaying games. From D&D, Pathfinder and Savage Worlds to GURPS, Rifts and World of Darkness, this system has been bringing together roleplayers from around the world.

To pay homage to that and the people who have developed the community Rulesets that have made Fantasy Grounds what it is today, we will be working on creating a landing ground for those community sets. We will also be working to revitalize the older Rulesets so that they can be modernized for the newer Fantasy Grounds features.

Keep your eyes open as we work on publishing them here. We will work on adding pages for the existing Rulesets to start. We will document if they work, and attempt to detail the problems that exist with them. We will then mark the ones which are actively being worked on.

We hope that this helps all people in the community enjoy their gaming experiences and bring the community a little closer together.